Martin RosenFeld


The second amendment is crucial to maintain a free and safe society. We must uphold this freedom, whether for personal protection or to hinder tyrannical entities from attempting a hostile takeover. As a small gun shop owner, NRA member, and certified pistol instructor, you can count on me to preserve this liberty. It is a significant part of the foundation that makes America the example of excellence it has become.

Law enforcement scrutinization has been a growing issue fueled by media to mislead the public. I have had firsthand experience with the changes that pursued over the last year as a Deputy Sheriff. The actions of a few were used to tarnish the integrity of the whole profession. Officers are our first responders, whether it be a minor issue or an unimaginable event. They are critical for maintaining peace, law, and order in any civilized society. They are here for you, and I want to tell Washington we are here for them.

Employment has had to evolve for everyone since the pandemic and major burden for almost all small business owners. The government’s focus on protecting the people may have led to overlooking some basic needs of the economy that fuels the livelihood of the people. It is time to reinvest in the small businesses that built this country. We also need to respect the sensitivity and complexity of the transition to cleaner energy. The economic impacts to the country and the thousands of jobs at stake are too important to hastily change during a time of crisis. I want to be there to fight for your jobs and businesses.

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