Martin RosenFeld


My name is Martin Rosenfeld and I am running for the US Senate in 2022 in Pennsylvania.

I would like to represent the rational voice of the people of the United States and especially Pennsylvania. Seeing the unraveling checks and balance system currently being dismantled, I know with my life’s knowledge, I can be very instrumental in continuing to keep the American Constitution Sacred for all future generations.

My support of Law Enforcement and the Second Amendment is my strongest concern now as I continue to watch our ability to properly do our sworn duties slowly being stripped away.

As a family man with seven grandchildren, I would like to see them grow up in a safe environment with the core values the has made America so great.

Why I Feel I Want to Run for the United States Senate

I have lived for many years in both suburban and rural Pennsylvania. I see every day that the voices of working Pennsylvanians are not being heard. I would like to represent the people of Pennsylvania as a strong supporter of the Constitution especially the first and second amendments. My concerns for Pennsylvania and our country in general include:

  • Responsible government spending 
  • Lower taxes for the working person
    Legal immigration
  • Rebuilding of our nation’s infrastructure
  • Support for small businesses
  • Job creation recognizing the dignity of work not welfare
  • Term limits for all elected officials
  • Pro-life advocate
  • Emphasis on the needs of the American people first

Work Experience

  • Deputy Sheriff, Elk County Commonwealth of Penn
  • Jay Township PA State Constable
  • Co-owner of Martar Rose, Inc., The Big Trout and M.R. Guns
  • Over 40 years of Accounting, Tax Preparation, and Management Experience
  • Treasurer of the Elk County Republican Party
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