Martin RosenFeld



  • Stand Firm and Vote for Common Sense Legislation
  • Strong Supporter of the Constitution…
  • Support for Growth and Rebuilding American Small Businesses
  • To be the Voice of the American People in Washington


  • Emphasis on the needs of America
  • Fight for a Fair Tax Structure Where the money we Earn is Working for us
  • To Bring Back the Trust and Ethics in Government as Representatives of the People that we once had
  • Promote Legal Immigration Policies
    Term Limits for all Elected Official


“Marty’s honorable character has been evident to us over a combined 34 years.As for his character, Marty would bring his hard-working, even-tempered, well-rounded abilities to the U.S. Senate. In terms of leadership, as a former CFO, a private business owner, Deputy Sheriff, and certified NRA instructor, Marty would bring a vast array of knowledge and experience with him to Washington to fight for conservative Pennsylvanian’s values. We wholeheartedly support Martin Rosenfeld to represent us in the United States Senate.”
Bradley Schneider & Susanne Schneider
lk County ProthonotaryE
"I’ve known Marty for over 30 years and have seen his tenacity and hard work in everything he does. He has a strong moral compass; on the occasions where he makes a mistake, he’s the first one to take responsibility and always wants to do the “right thing”. I have tremendous respect for him and what he has accomplished in his life. Marty would bring integrity to the U.S. Senate and work hard for the citizens of Pennsylvania. I strongly endorse him!"
J. Kent Brown
Independent Pharmaceutical Consultant
"As a lifelong resident of rural Pennsylvania, and business owner for 30 years, I would love to see someone in Washington who can identify with most of the residents of this commonwealth, and who would fight relentlessly to protect and promote the interest of those residents instead of his or her own interest. Marty is that someone. He has a lifetime of employment experience over a broad spectrum of areas, including owning numerous business, and working in the public sector. Marty has excelled at more things than anyone I know, and the reason seems clear: he is a relentless worker, and never gives up until he accomplishes his goals. This is the type of person that I want to have in Washington fighting for me; someone who recognizes and appreciates the needs of the residents of Pennsylvanians, and who will do everything within his power to safeguard and advance those needs. If you want a Senator that is willing to fight for you, day and night, and devotes his energies to your needs, then Marty is your candidate. These are the reasons that I endorse Martin Rosenfeld for the U.S. Senate."
Thomas G.G. Coppolo
Elk County District Attorney
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